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Welcome to the Australian Private Equity & Venture Capital Journal

November 1st, 2021

Edited by Adrian Herbert

The Australian Private Equity & Venture Capital Journal provides reliable industry news and information to assist all professionals in the private equity finance industry.

Investment Activity

6.Listed company ends discussion after offer is reduced
7.Industry super fund in first solo private capital deal
8.Report in favour of $5.2bn bid for electricity assets
9.$100m round will globalise online insurance product
10.Add-on rehabilitation services sector acquisition
11.$25m to advance quantum computing cybersecurity
12.Sovereign wealth fund commits to global green energy
13.$50m in private funding for listed lender
14.Merger creates national clinical trials company
15.Wealth management firm backs health-tech start-up
16.US company provides further backing for legal-tech
17.New funding for employee feedback technology
18.Follow-on investments made on higher valuations
19.New entity to target marine sports consolidation
20.Growth investment backs reduction of plastics waste
21.Bank leads $NZ15m pre-listing raise
22.$40m for crop-boosting carbon sequestration
23.Impact investor increases stake in online shares platform
24.Cryptocurrency marketplace gains venture support
25.$6.87m for carbon emissions verification platform
26.Retail investors back hair and beauty products online marketplace
27.Venture firm picks ripe challenge
28.$3m for car financing disruptor
29.Venture firm backs online auto parts marketplace
30.Venture firms fund online cyber security training
31.Seed funding for automated construction management
32.Real-tech fund backs contactless building access
33.Workforce intelligence backed to target US market
34.$10m expansion capital for hospitality software
35.Pre-seed investment for groceries comparison app

Conferences & Roundtables

58.New Zealand conference cancelled

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